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Shedding light on the world's

toughest challenges

Our next generation technology has a positive impact on the society, environment, and economy.


At Orbem we are shedding light on the world's toughest challenges by unleashing AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone. For us, this means developing fast, accurate, and accessible imaging solutions that reveal hidden sources of knowledge.

In everything we do, we seek to make a difference. We are developing deep tech solutions to sustainably feed the world, accelerate the transition to a green economy, and transform disease detection.

Based on years of scientific research at the interface of AI and imaging technology, Orbem was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. Headquartered near Munich, our top tier, international, diverse, and multidisciplinary team is imagining new frontiers every single day to build a sustainable and healthy future.




Maria is a veterinarian and holds a PhD from LMU. With key expertise in researching embryonic development, Maria generates the scientific insights that build the foundation for our products.

Maria Laparidou
Chief Scientific Officer


Pedro holds a PhD in Biomedical Imaging and MSc in Biomedical Computing from TUM. An expert in accelerated MRI powered by deep learning and a serial entrepreneur, Pedro guides the team towards its core purpose.

Pedro Gomez
Chief Executive Officer

Imaging, AI
and software

Miguel has a PhD in Biomedical Imaging from TUM as well as MSc in Biomedical Engineering. He started coding at 16 and worked as a Software Engineer for 5 years before leading technology development at Orbem.

Miguel Molina
Chief Technology Officer

MRI hardware

Guido holds a PhD in Sensors and Signal Processing and has more than 15 years of experience in MRI technology. A builder at heart, Guido is responsible for the hardware of the Genus.

Guido Kudielka
Head of Hardware

Machine learning
and software

Gilberto studied Engineering Physics and Computational Science at TUM, specializing in machine learning and graduating among the top 2% of students. He works on software for low latency data flows

Gilberto Lem
Software Engineer

and consulting

Kai studied Psychology and Business at LMU as well as Technology Management at CDTM and UC Berkeley. He worked for several startups and in management consulting before joining Orbem to lead venture operations

Kai Riemenschneider
Venture Operations


Eduardo studied Biomedical Computing and completed a postdoc in MRI at Harvard. With a strong background in physics, computer science, and engineering, Eduardo develops novel MRI technology at Orbem

Eduardo Coello
Head of Imaging


Tobias graduated from TUM with a BSc in Informatics and is now pursuing his MSc in Informatics. He kicked off various entrepreneurial endeavours himself and supports Orbem as a Software Engineer.

Tobias Vitt
Software Engineer


Akshay studied an MSc in Data Engineering and Analytics at TUM and has 5 years of experience in software development. He contributes to the software team with expertise in data engineering and machine learning.

Akshay Aradhya
Machine Learning Engineer

Marketing & design

Mariana studies her MSc in Consumer Science at TUM with a specialization in marketing and leadership. She creates innovative marketing strategies and media content to enhance Orbem's brand image.

Mariana Pradillo
Marketing & Design


Anna is a neuroscientist with a PhD from LMU. With her expertise in image processing, data analysis, and research methodology, she contributes to all things data, science, and innovation at Orbem.

Anna Schuetzenberger
Data Scientist

MRI and

Tamas completed a PhD in Bioinformatics at the Max Planck Institute, where he became an MRI expert. Addicted to programming since the age of 16, he develops cutting-edge MRI software at Orbem.

Tamas Borbath
Software Engineer


Emre studied Computer Engineering in Istanbul. He is pursuing his MSc in Informatics at TUM, specializing in Data Science and machine learning. He supports Orbem developing software.

Emre Sahal
Software Engineer


Alex studied Mechanical Engineering at TUM. She then pursued her MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Alex designs MRI systems to be installed anywhere.

Alexandra Baranik
MRI Engineer


Aldo completed his MSc in Computer Science at TUM, with a specialization in machine learning for computer vision. At Orbem he develops MRI super resolution algorithms based on deep learning.

Aldo Kacorri
Data Scientist

People &

Marisa studied Languages for International Communication in Bologna. She also pursued her MSc in Global Marketing at the Italy-USA Foundation. She contributes to build a diverse and talented team.

Maria Teresa Papio
People & Operations

3D printing

Mira pursues her MSc in Mechanical Engineering at TUM. She works on quality assurance for the next generation of MRI scanners.

Mira Mahavadi
MRI Engineer


Jason completed a PhD in Medical Physics and then continued with postdocs in hyperpolarized and spectroscopic MRI. He enhances the image quality and speed of our scans.

Jason Skinner
MRI Scientist


Simon spent four years at Microsoft working on mapping & geospatial products. He is a technologist who works on developing a customer-centric culture and product strategy at Orbem.

Simon Shapiro
Product Manager


Harley is a Border Collie, who has a specialization in catching discs and cleaning plates. She is now managing Orbem's team motivation and making sure that everybody receives their fair dose of happiness.

Harley Quinn
Emotional Support Technician


Beyza is now pursuing her MSc in Informatics with a specialization in Data Engineering at TUM. She previously studied Computer Science at TOBB. She is part of Orbem's software engineering team.

Beyza Altuntas
Software Engineer


Marlon studied Biomedical Engineering in South Korea, and then pursued a PhD in Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. He now improves the signal detection in our radiofrequency devices.

Marlon Perez
RF Engineer


Jennifer studied MEng in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, UK. She worked in corporate innovation for future mobility before joining Orbem's business team.

Jennifer Volz
Business Development Lead


Ayush pursued his MSc in Informatics at TUM. He has experience in computer vision and robot perception. Ayush joins Orbem to contribute to our machine learning systems and infrastructure.

Ayush Nath
Machine Learning Engineer

& connection

Vivian studied Psychology at LMU. Afterwards, she studied abroad and built HR startup expertise. Vivian is working with our people and operations team to enable Orbem's team to reach its full potential.

Vivian Schader
People & Operations

MRI sequence

Benjamin holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from King's College London. He is working with our innovation team to make MR imaging fast and reliable.

Benjamin Knowles
MRI Scientist


Skander studies MSc in Biomedical Computing at TUM. He is improving our scanning process by simulating it with a digital twin.

Skander Salah
Software Engineer


Yacoub studies a BSc in Computer Engineering at Al-Ahliyya University in Jordan. He is working on improving our deep learning models.

Yacoub Yousef
Machine Learning Engineer


Sarah completed her MSc in Mathematics in Data Science at TUM with a specialization in computer vision and machine learning. Through data science, she is helping us build a sustainable and healthy future.

Sarah Doerr
Data Scientist


Vasco is pursuing an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon. He is writing his MSc thesis at Orbem on transformer-based architectures.

Vasco Araujo
Data Scientist


Patrick has been working in various management and administrative roles throughout his career. He is now leveraging his experience to create sustainable and efficient administrative processes at Orbem.

Patrick Sloan
Office Manager


Ender is studying his MSc in Mechatronics Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg. As a part of our hardware team, he is working on MRI system integration.

Ender Karacay
Mechatronics Engineer


Ksenia completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and then worked as a deep learning engineer. In our AI team, she builds robust AI models for a sustainable and healthy future.

Ksenia Yashina
Head of AI


Anup completed a BTech in Mechanical Engineering at Cochin University of Science and Technology, where he specialized in automation in CAD/CAM. He is now helping us develop automation tools to boost our technology

Anup Tripathi
DevOps Engineer


Slava graduated from the University of EU Business School with a Bachelor of Science in International Business. As part of our business team, he helps us to research and analyze data to improve our business development strategy.

Vyacheslav Orel
Growth Analyst


Dastan has been writing backend and full-stack apps in Python since 2015. In our IT team, Dastan supports us with designing, building, and maintaining our software structure.

Dastan Abdrakhmanov
Python Backend Engineer

Big picture

Adithya completed an MSc in Medical Systems Engineering at the OvGU Magdeburg. Using his product knowledge, he manages the scanning program internally.

Adithya Viswanathan
Technical Program Manager


Ayesha is pursuing a PhD in Economics at the University of Bremen. She is monitoring and analyzing market data to drive growth, learning and optimization at Orbem.

Ayesha Khan
Growth Analyst

Our manifesto

We believe in the power of information;
and are devoted to delivering it with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

We believe in revealing what’s hidden;
and providing access to otherwise unattainable sources of knowledge.

We believe in human-AI collaboration;
and are leveraging AI to unleash our collective wisdom at scale.

We believe in making imaging accessible for everything and everyone;
and are energizing imaging technology with AI to open the door to a world of possibilities.

We believe sustainability is not an option;
and are developing technology for the mutual benefit of the society, environment, and economy.

We believe in a thriving future for humanity;
and in healthy and fulfilling lives for everybody.

We believe in shedding light on the world’s toughest challenges;
and in harnessing our AI-powered imaging technology as a force for good.