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Join our mission and unleash AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone.

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Our team is working on the AI technology of the future to sustainably feed the world, accelerate the transition to a green economy, and transform disease detection.





Who we look for

Fit to our values

We own every challenge

We enjoy complexity and thrive under uncertainty. We embrace problems and don’t rest until we have found a solution. We own every challenge.

We strive for better

We are driven by dissatisfaction with the status quo and seize any opportunity for growth. We are constantly learning and improving. We strive for better.

We imagine new frontiers

We think beyond ‘doable’ and ‘reasonable’. We design a sustainable and healthy future. We imagine new frontiers.

Add to our culture

We hire one of a kinds

We hire one of a kinds. People who have a unique combination of strengths, education, background, heritage, and mindset. People who challenge our collective identity and enrich our decision-making.

We hire great additions to our team

We hire great additions to our team, not great solo performers. People who are different to us but share our core values and beliefs.

Join us in the deep tech revolution

Become part of a driven team working on breakthrough technology.

We offer you a plain field to explore and design. During your time with Orbem, we support you in discovering your strengths and defining a vision for your professional future. We hope to teach you some things, but more importantly, we want to learn from you. Join us.

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Our hiring process

1. Introductory call

N Ask all the questions you have about Orbem and the role you are applying to.

N Understand our compensation package and what it entitles.

N Learn the next steps in the hiring process.

2. Challenge

N Show us your approach to solving problems and the skills you have acquired so far.

N Work in an environment that closely resembles your job at Orbem.

3. Interview day

N Culture interview: in-depth experience of Orbem’s values and culture.

N Team chat: meet your future colleagues and learn about your future day-to-day.

N Potential interview: get to know our big picture and what our future plans are.

Maria Teresa Papio

HR Manager

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