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Agrifood AI impact

AI Revolutionizing MRI Scans

A Munich startup banked $32M to scan eggs, and says humans are next.

German AI Startup Landscape 2023

German AI Startup Landscape 2023

Orbem fouth year as part of AI German Landscape.

EIC accelerator grant orbem newsfeed

EIC Accelerator Grant Winner

Orbem is part of the 2.3% of all startups selected for funding by the EIC Accelerator.

Hello Tomorrow

Orbem wins the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge in Food & Agriculture.

Bayfor and Baypat Orbem

Bavarian Research Innovation Agency Collaboration

BayPAT and BayFOR support for Orbem.

Agrifood AI impact

AI Impact in Agrifoodtech Sector

AG funder news explains how can AI manage to bring value and make complex agrifood analytics accessible.

German AI Startup Landscape 2022

Orbem is recognized as one of the top 304 AI startups in Germany.

WEconomy Award Winner

Orbem is acknowledged for its impact in rethinking imaging to make it accessible for everything and everyone.

European Data Incubator

Orbem is named one of the most promising big data startups in Europe.

Xprize IBM watson newsfeed orbem top 10 teams


Orbem is recognized as top 10 teams worldwide in developing AI technology to solve global challenges.

EIT Food

Orbem wins the 2019 EIT Food Accelerator Network Programme and receives €100,000 in financial support.


Orbem’s AI technology is featured by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Poultry press

Watt pain perception study

Chicken Embryo Pain Study in Europe

Recent study revelas the embryo’s pain perception starting date.

Hendrixs Genus Focus in-ovo sexing

Announcement of Successful Launch of MRI-Based Technology for In-Ovo Sexing

MRI-based high throughput non-invasive solution for in-ovo sexing of poultry eggs of any breed is installed in Mûr-de-Bretagne (France).

Poultry world HG launch

Launch of MRI-Based Technology for In-Ovo Sexing of Chickens

Poultry breeding company and AI-powered imaging firm have launched a high throughput, non-invasive solution for in-ovo sexing for any chicken breed.

Gefluegelnews pain perception

Orbem's In-Ovo Sexing System in France (German Article)

Deep Tech company lauches in-ovo sexing system in France.

FFAR orbem egg tech prize winner

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

Orbem wins Egg-Tech Prize to develop contactless in-ovo sexing technology.

German Law In-Ovo Sexing

German Law Publication on Incubation Interruption

The law that prohibits male chick culling in Germany from day 13 of incubation, was published on August 23rd, 2023.

WATT WTP consumer study

Would US Consumers Purchase In-Ovo Sexed Eggs?

Animal Innovators conducted a consumer study in the US revealing that consumers are willing to pay more for eggs that avoid male chick culling.

Press releases

Salte press release white logo final

Genus Focus: First In-Ovo Sexing Solution in Norway

A&A Salte Kyllingoppdrett AS, Fiskå Mølle AS, and Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder SA are collaborating to build a new hatchery in Sirevåg with Sirevåg Rugeri AS.

Ter Heerdt press release

Ter Heerdt and Verbeek install Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing in the Netherlands

Twelve million-day-old chick hatchery can now provide KAT-certified hens to the German market.

Orbem team picture

Orbem Has Successfully Closed a 30 EUR Million Series A Funding Round

The company is unleashing AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone.

Genus focus for in ovo sexing lohmanns hatchery germany

LOHMANN Deutschland and Orbem Start Their Collaboration in Dorum's Hatchery

The first German installation of Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing.

MRI egg classifcation orbem

We Revolutionize Poultry

How Orbem reveals what is hidden behind the eggshell.

Genus focus installation Vencomatic partnership

Genus Focus Non-Invasive In-Ovo Sexing Fully Aligned with Animal Welfare Standards

The study commissioned by BMEL confirms that chick embryo pain perception does not start before day 13 of incubation.

Vencomatic and orbem partnership announcement

Strategic Partnership with Vencomatic Group for In-Ovo Sexing

Announcement of a broad and long-term partnership with the family-owned supplier of innovative solutions for the poultry industry.

Hendrix Genetics Partnership wit Orbem

Hendrix Genetics Uses the Genus Focus for In-Ovo Sexing

Announcement of the successful launch of the MRI-based technology for in-ovo sexing in a commercial scale.

Deep tech the nex frontier orbem newsfeed

Deep Tech - The Next Frontier of Innovation

Find out why deep tech startups can change the world.

Lets imagine new frontiers ai powered imaging newsfeed

Let's Imagine New Frontiers

Discover how Orbem will create a sustainable and healthy future.

orbem why we exist newsfeed

Why We Exist

Learn the story of our purpose-driven deep tech venture.

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