Revealing what is hidden underneath the surface

We scan, classify, and sort nuts for quality control.

Revealing what is hidden

The Genus uses AI-powered MRI imaging to scan nuts. It is fast, accurate, safe, and non-destructive. It allows you to detect deformation, discoloration, dehydration, insect bites and damage, and mold in any nut type.

Uniform QA

Automate quality assurance (QA) for incoming nut supplies, for faster, more accurate, and objective results.

100% QC

Boost your quality control (QC) by inspecting every single nut, before or after shell removal. Reveal defects that are otherwise visually not detectable.

Modular design

scaling to your throughput requirements

Full automation

from nut intake to sorted nut outtake

Repeatable results

precise automated measurements

Industrial design

for simple cleaning and maintenance

Automated and

Reduce processing costs and contamination risks.

Our analytics empower you to optimize your nut processing lines for cost efficiency and high quality products. By processing only nuts without a defect, such as insect infestations or deformations, costs can be saved down the line, the risk of batch contamination can be eliminated, and the cost of poor quality can be decreased.

Uniform quality assurance

Non-destructive quality assurance of nuts

Thousands of tonnes of nuts are wasted during quality assurance to reveal what is hidden underneath the shell or the kernel surface. The Genus can detect 5 different features of any nut type, with or without the shell. This allows you to shift your operative decisions to large-scale datasets to optimize your purchasing negotiations and downstream processing.

Non-destructive testing

Before or after shell removal

Data-driven decision making

Increased quality level

Fertilized egg


Fertilized egg


Fertilized egg

Insect bite

Fertilized egg


Fertilized egg

Shrunk and shrivelled

100% Quality control

Remove defect nuts before processing

Our fully automated, high-throughput solution for 100% quality control, scans nuts, classifies them, and sorts out nuts with defects such as deformation, discoloration, dehydration, insect bites and damage, or mold.

Sorting by quality grade

Reliable sorting performance

Less than 5% error rate

Works for all nut types

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Jennifer Volz

Business Development Lead

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